Fish that walk on Land? Enter the mudskipper

 In this post we’ll be exploring the most bizarre creature yet, the Mudskipper. This fish is unlike any other, with its frog like eyes, protruding on top of its head, that move independently to look out for danger.  These creatures are mostly found in  swamps and estuaries and on mud flats. They grow up to 30cm long, and mostly  have a muddy brown look to them. During the mating season, males will develop a brightly colored spots ranging…


The Colorful world of kingfishers

The first time I saw a kingfisher, specifically a Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), I was amazed. A electric blue flash hit the water with a quiet splash, the speed of the dive unlike the sound it made. It went in and grabbed a miniscule fish and then it disappeared in the foliage, all in a blink of an eye, that really blew my mind. 

Colors ranging from simple black and white to a explosion of orange, pink, blue, purple and white. Kingfishers are truly…


Dragons are real, enter the world of Komodo dragons

When the first explorers discovered the Komodo dragons they described them as Land crocodiles, they are the closest what we could get today to the fairy-tale dragons. They are ferocious beasts with needle sharp teeth and a venomous bite, and has the title of the  largest lizard in the world. With its binomial name being Varanus komodoensis, named by a Dutch scientist Pieter Anthonis Ouwens, who was a scientist and the director of  Java Zoological Museum and Botanical Gardens


Top 9 Reasons To Go For A Nature walk

There is always a talk about going out for a walk in a nearby city park, nature trail or maybe a hiking trip, and the benefits, but what exactly is the benefits? That is  what we going to explore today, these are the top 9 reasons you should go for a nature walk.


Exploring Gacan libaax, Somaliland

On 24th July 2022, I went with my cousins to a mountainous region in Somaliland called Gacan libax, Maarodi Jeex, not far from Laas Geel, and around 100 km (62 mi) east of the provincial capital Hargeisa. It is in the western part of the northern mountains, which extend east and west parallel to the northern coast of the Horn of Africa. (Credit Wikipedia)The weather temperature ranged from 12*C at the coolest and 42*C at the hottest while I was there. This was during the hottest time of the year.We went from Hargeisa via the Berbera Road. After an hour drive, we stopped at petrol station to fill up the tank. 


My trip to the horn of africa: Somaliland

When I say Somaliland, what comes to mind? A war-torn country. A country with one of the highest rates of terrorism? A dangerous place to visit? Some people might think of it as a non-existent country, as it isn’t recognized by the U.N, however it is a self-proclaimed country that runs fairly smoothly. A bit of a background information on…

20 / 6 / 2022

The hidden world of poisonous birds ii

Today we are finishing the three remaining species of toxic birds; 3. Hooded pitohui (Pitohui dichrous) scientific classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Family: Oriolidae Genus: Pitohui Species:P. dichrous   (©Wikipedia: Hooded pitohui: This is the most toxic bird. The Hooded pitohui has batrachotoxin compounds in its feathers and skin just like …

1 / 6 / 2022

You might have heard of a poisonous Amphibian or a venomous reptile (if you are an animal lover) the poisonous spurs of a duck-billed platypus, but have you ever heard of a toxic bird? Well, prepare to be mindblown! These amazing birds are birds that use poison to deter predators away from them. No birds are yet known to inject or produce venom, but…